obr.: Maršovská Rychta

Maršovská rychta – Hotel with tradition

files/rychta/images/img/DSC01005.JPGHotel Maršovská rychta is located in peaceful area of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands 0,5 km north of Nové Město na Moravě in a beautiful  village of Maršovice. Location of the Hotel in the area of CHKO Žďárské vrchy is ideal to spend active summer and winter vacation in high-quality, unpoluted environment .

The hotel is a historical building. First written mention of this building dates back to year 1550. Rychta was rebuilt several times during the  centuries. In the first half of 19. century building regained contemporary look. Hotel has its private owner since 2004. All repairs and construction is done respecting rules of cultural heritage protection due to keep historical look of exteriors and interiors unchanged. 

Hotel facilities

files/rychta/images/img/DSC00957.JPGHotel of Maršovská rychta provides 44 beds in 14 rooms and 2 apartments. Rooms and apartments are standardly furnished.  Then there is an restaurant for 60 persons and pub for 30 people. Hotel also provides lounge with 60 places for busines, culture and private actions. Placement of lounge provides a maximal privacy. There is also outdoor terrace of 80 spots availabile in good weather conditions, its also possible to hold barbecue in here. A large enclosed garden is freely accessable from this terrace. Garden also provides sports facilities like football and basketball, then there is an outdoor fireplace ideal for private events and playground with tabletenis, trampolines, swings and walk for domestic animals.

Free wi-fi is availabile in whole hotel. Big advantage is sufficiency of parking spots right in the area of hotel.

Ideal for families with children 

files/rychta/images/img/DSC_0178.jpgWhereas we know, how difficult sometime is to ensure vacation for family with children, we will be happy to welcome you in pleasant environment of our Hotel. Hotel is focused at peacefull stay of all visitors in a beautiful scenery of Highlands outside city centers. I tis ideal for ramilies using all options of entertainment for kids in the enclosed garden. Several water areas and ponds are suitable for swimming  around the hotel. You can also use famous ski slope of Harusův hill near Nové město na Moravě in the winter. This gentle slope is ideal for begginers and little sportsman. Skiarena Vysočina, also in Nové Město na Moravě, is great cross-country skiing area with high quality tracks in the winter, in the summer i tis true paradise for in-line skaters. A perfect place for first steps of youth in this nice sport in beautiful, healthy environment.

Corporate, social and priváte events

files/rychta/images/img/DSC01031.JPGLocation of the hotel and its internal arrangement of rooms invites to organize corporate, social or private events in hotel interiors as well as using outdoor terrace and garden. Wedding receptions have a long tradition in this hotel. We are also able to provide catering services outside the hotel. References are catering services provided in occasion of World Cups of MTB, cross-country skiing and biathlon.