obr.: Maršovská Rychta

Maršovská rychta – Hotel with tradition

Hotel Maršovská rychta is located in a peacefull area of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands 0,5 km north of Nové Město na Moravě in a beautiful village of Maršovice. Location of the Hotel in the area of CHKO Žďárské vrchy is ideal to spend active summer and winter vacation in high quality, unpoluted environment. 

Maršovská rychta provides 44 beds in 14 rooms and 2 apartmetns. Rooms are double with option of extra bed, apartments are for 4 persons also with option of extra bed. Both rooms and apartments are standardly furnished.
Restaurant and pub are available for customers and guests.
Outdoor terrace is available in good weather conditions providing option of grilling.Hotel lounge can be used for corporate, social and private actions.
Placement of lounge in hotel provides maximal privacy. Free wi-fi is accessible in all parts of hotel. Big advantage is sufficiency of parking spots right in the area of hotel. 

Part of our hotel is a large hotel garden with options of sport activities or relaxation. Hotel is ideal for families with kids.